Use a French Press for Great Coffee

Many coffee connoisseurs judge that the French Press is the best method for brewing a great cup of coffee.

What Makes French Press So Good?

The key is the way the coffee is filtered. The French press’ nylon or steel screen traps the coffee grounds and presses them to the bottom as the hot water absorbs essential oils, lipids and colloids that paper filters would trap. Those oils help provide a great cup of coffee. If you would like to try a French Press Monks Coffee Shop provides presses and an great selection of coffee blends.


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Current Artwork At Monks

Monks Coffee Shop hosted Abilene Christian University’s second annual contest of “Images of Aging”, this interdisciplinary show had digital photographs that studied and observed human aging. The students were asked capture what they appreciated about aging using digital media. This year there were twelve different departments across ACU campus included in this years show.

We were happy to host Abilene Christian University’s artwork here in our coffee shop!

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Coffee Can Help You Proofread Better!

Well……… the caffeine helps you at least.

Monks Coffee Shop loves to provide you with your caffeine fix, but did you know we’re providing you with healthy beverages as well? Here’s a few drinks we provide that helps you live a healthy lifestyle.

Black and Green Tea

Black and green tea are full of antioxidants flavonoids that may have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties and prevent certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases.


Recent research has shown potential health benefits including lower the risk of some cancers, depression, diabetes and protect against heart failure. They also researched the possibility of helping you live longer!

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We have spark. We have slam. We have gain!

Monks Coffee Shop is now carrying your favorite AdvoCare products to keep you healthy and energized!

(Created with

We have AdvoCare’s protein shakes in vanilla and chocolate, Acai Berry Slams, and carry various flavors of Spark Energy Drinks. If you are wanting AdvoCare’s products in bulk, come up to Monks and talk to us. We hope to help our customers live a healthy lifestyle!

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Thank you to our Customers!

The Readers’ Choice Awards ceremony was last night. The Monks staff were honored that you voted us! We were the runner up in Abilene’s best coffee shop and live music. We would like to thank all the customers who voted for us! Thank you for making Abilene not so boring, by grabbing your caffeine fix here at Monks! Check out the Abilene Reporter News this Sunday to see the other winners.




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We’re Mic’ed Up and Ready to Serve you Coffee

This past Tuesday we had the pleasure of having Texas Country Reporter come film one of our barista’s Alyssa Derrick. They came to report the current series of art hanging up here at Monks. Alyssa used coffee and espresso to create portraits of loyal Monks customers. 

ImageLuckily, the camera captured our morning customers and the sense of community Monks provides. Which really is the heart of our coffee shop. The air date is currently unknown, but we will announce asap. We would like to give a huge thank you to Texas Country Reporter for taking the time to cover Monks and Alyssa Derrick’s artwork.

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Make no excuse, join Dr. Seuss

Sam! If you will let me be, I will try them. You will see . Say! I like green eggs and ham! I do! I like them, Sam -I-am!

These catchy lines popped into my mind as I observed, “Green Eggs and Ham” , the beautifully crafted bronze sculpture. My mind was blissfully flooded with childhood memories as I strolled through the gallery of the Center of Contemporary Arts that is conveniently located across the street from Monks.This sculpture is a tribute to Green Eggs and Ham brought to life by artist, Leo Rijn.

"Green Eggs and Ham"

“Green Eggs and Ham”, artist Leo Rijn, 2007


If you head over to the CCA you will find colorfully painted walls flooded with art created in the name of Seuss called “The Art of Dr. Seuss Retrospective”. The Abilene Cultural Affairs Council & CALF Festival is hosting “Seuss is Loose!” celebration June 14-17. The festivity begin with Artwalk 5-8 pm Thursday the 14th with on-going exhibitions until Sunday the 17th. You can find out more about all the activities and register online at

Make no excuse and come join the celebrations of Dr.Seuss, who inspired our imaginations and brought us joy. Then take a break and try our Seuss inspired beverages only at Monks!!


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Most Important Meal of the Day

Last week we talked about treating yourself to special gifts throughout the week. However, the one treat you should not miss out on each day is breakfast.

ImageBreakfast acts as brain fuel to get your head in the right place for the start of the day. In addition, maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight depends on eating a breakfast in order to fill the body up and prevent overeating later. Breakfast keeps the metabolism working throughout the day and helps the stomach stay at a normal size instead of stretching to fit a large meal.

When stopping for your morning cup of coffee, don’t skip out on breakfast. It could help you work harder throughout the day and provide you with a healthier lifestyle if trying to lose or maintain your weight.

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Treat yourself!

After the “Parks and Rec” episode where Tom and Donna teach others to treat themselves to special gifts and massages throughout the day, I jumped on the bandwagon. I am often a cheap shopper. I do not overly enjoy shelling out my hard-earned cash. However, as the day or week drags on, it becomes more difficult to remember the idea of treating yourself in order to support a happier, more satisfying lifestyle.

In a struggling economy, too often I hear of nay-sayers rejecting the daily cup of joe as an excessive expense. “Cut out your latte and you can save hundreds a year!” they proclaim. In all actuality though, these critics are not looking at the emotional value invested in the latte. A small gift to yourself through out the day raises your spirits, gives your encouragement to finish your work, and reminds you that you are an important person.

While looking for healthier options might be helpful, drinking a special cup of coffee a day increases my self-confidence and reminds me to treat myself more often.

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Drink to your health

Swimsuit season is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t prepared for it at all. Summer seems like the perfect time to workout, start training for that marathon you’ve always wanted to do and eat fresh fruits. But what are your options when drinking coffee or energy drinks throughout the day?

Monks Coffee Shop is offering several healthy drink options for you to choose from in order to gear up for summer and get beach body ready. Protein shakes for those slimming down or bulking up are available. Sparks energy drink enhances mental energy and focus for a long day, plus its under 50 calories. Smoothies made from fruit puree are under 200 calories each and taste delicious. Plus choose from lemonade sweetened with honey or green tea smoothies for another refreshing option.

Its never too late to start drinking to your health.

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