Meet the Roaster of Casa Brasil

Monks is proud to share some exciting news about one of our partners in the coffee business! Our roaster has been nominated for a small business award/opportunity in Austin, Texas.  Joel Shuler, of Casa Brasil, directly trades with coffee farmers in Brazil to offer high-quality, extremely fresh coffee beans.  In order to provide fair compensation for coffee farming families, Casa Brasil pays a higher price for sustainably grown beans.  In addition, consumers can purchase the beans at a reasonable, albeit slightly higher, price, knowing that their purchases sponsor social initiatives that help transform entire communities.

Things you might want to know about Joel and Casa Brasil:

Joel lives and roasts beans in Austin, Texas (close to Brazil).

Each farmer that partners with Joel uses high standard agricultural practices providing sustainable farming and an excellent product.

Casa Brasil encourages social initiatives by providing scholarships for the children of coffee bean farmers, thus allowing young students to break through barriers and obtain higher education. This not only benefits the coffee bean farming families but also contributes to the development of their local communities.

Growing, roasting and brewing coffee is a fine art.  Casa Brasil is dedicated to providing customers with a great cup of coffee with a complex, flavorful taste.

My favorite quote from Joel about the benefits of directly trading fair wages with coffee bean farmers? Describing a memorable moment in his coffee career, he says, “Visiting a small coffee producer from whom we had bought a large amount of coffee the previous harvest and seeing his entire family wearing braces. Those braces were the embodiment of what we started out to do. He produced an exceptional coffee, we paid him a great price for it, and he was able to provide something to his family.”

You can support for Joel and Casa Brasil’s business model of giving back to the environment and coffee farming communities by voting here at the FedEx + Me program website.  Learn more about helping small business do more.  You can buy Casa Brasil coffee online at the Monks website.


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